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Ronald Alan Holse (Russell Research Center, USA)
D. Y. Sitamma (Indian Institute of Public Health, India)
Ardic Mustafa (Harran University, Turkey)
Benkerroum, Noreddine (IAV Hassan II, Maroc)
Charteris, William (Glanbia Ingredients, Ireland)
Cutter, Catherine N. (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Davis, Art (The Sholl Group, USA)
Deibel, Kurt (Tropicana CO., USA)
El-Shenawy, Moustafa (National Reserach Center, Egypt)
Forsythe, Steve (The Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Fung, Daniel Y.C. (Kansas State University, USA)
Gandhi, A.P. (Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, India)
Lee, Sun-Young (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Lin, Dongxia (Stanford University, USA)
Mahmoud, Barakat S.M. (Mississippi State University, USA)
Mehta, Bhavbhuti M. (Anand Agricultural University, India)
Movassagh, Mohammad Hosein (Lslmic Azad University, Iran)
Novak, John (USDA/ERRC)
Oh, Se-Wook (KookMin University, Korea)
Rhee, Min-Suk (Korea University, Korea)
Rusing, John E. (North Carolina State University, USA)
Sawyer, Carol (Michigan State University, USA)
Schroeder, Carl M. (USDA/FSIS, USA)
Sharif, Mian Kamran (National Int. Food Sci. Technology, Pakistan)
Sommers, Christopher H. (USDA-ARS, ERRC, USA)
Unal, Rob. R. (Aries Prepared Beef Co. USA)
Vasavada, P.C. (University of Wisconsin, River fall, USA)
Van Fleet, David D. (Arizona State University, USA)

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