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Vol 15. 109-114
Physicochemical, Bacteriological and Risk-to-Health Analysis of Drinking Water Quality in some Oil Producing Areas of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Anne P. Edima-Nyah, Sunday P. Ukwo

Vol 15. 103-108
Foodborne infections and intoxications in Hyderabad, India
R.V Sudershan, R. Naveen Kumar, L. Kashinath, N. Balakrishna & K. Polasa

Vol 15. 99-102
Microbiological Risk Assessment of Hamburgers Sold in Canterbury New Zealand
Min Min, Chris O. Dawson and Malik A. Hussain

Vol 15. 93-98
Prevalence of Salmonella Serovars Isolated from Turkey Carcasses and Giblets in Meknès-Morocco
El Allaoui , F. Rhazi Filali, B. Bouchrif, B. Karraouan and Ameur N

Vol 15. 88-92
Survival of Salmonella Species on Stainless Steel Exposed to Dry Heat
Pamela J. McKelvey and Peter W. Bodnaruk

Vol 15. 83-87
Assessment of Storage Stability of Whole and Degermed maize flours
Pradyuman Barnwal, Purushottam Kore, Alka Sharma

Vol 15. 78-82
Umoh, E. O.

Vol 15. 64-77
Conformational Transition of the Intermolecular Interaction of Protein System of Buffalo UHT Milk
Ali Ibrahim Ali Mansour

Vol 15. 58-63
Quantitative Cost Model of HACCP Implementation
Zhen Wu, Cheryl Joy Wachenheim

Vol 15. 48-57
Studies on Food Safety Management and It's Significance in Maximizing the Profit for Food Industry
Mohd. Asif Ansari, Vikas Kumar, Chhatarapal Singh3 Vani Shukla and Rajendra Kumar

Vol 15. 39-47
Microbial safety of Selected Food Borne Pathogens in Relation to Hygienic Practices in Industrial area, Nairobi Kenya
Morris Githaiga Gitahi, Patrick kami Njage Murigu and John Wangoh

Vol 15. 33-38
Bacteriological Assessment of Some Street Vended Foods in Gondar, Ethiopia
Getu Derbew, Samuel Sahle and Mengistu Endris

Vol 15. 29-32
Isolation of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Fermented Milk Products and Their Antimicrobial Activity against Staphylococcus aureus
Noopur Agrawal and Alka Prakash

Vol 15. 20-28
Studies on Food Safety Management and It's Significance in Maximizing the Profit for Food Industry
Mohd. Asif Ansari, Vikas Kumar, Chhatarapal Singh, Vani Shukla and Rajendra Kumar

Vol 15. 11-19
Microbial and Physicochemical Characterization of Maize and Wheat Flour from a Milling Company, Lesotho
Ntuli Victor, Mekibib Sissay Bekele , Molebatsi Ntseliseng, Makotoko Makotoko, Chatanga Peter, Asita .O. Asita

Vol 15. 7-10
Evaluation of Raw Milk for Common Commercial Additives and Heat Treatments
Mohamed Mansour El-Loly, Ali Ibrahim Ali Mansour and Ramadan Omar Ahmed

Vol 15.1-6
Critical Hazard Points of Indigenous Food Fermentation Processing of Irú, the Most- Popular Nigerian Fermented Food-Seasoning Condiment
Adenike A.O. Ogunshe, Oyeyemi A. Fawole, Opeyemi A. Adewale and Safiat O. Olaoye


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