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Vol 8. 66-72
Microorganisms Associated with Pearl Millet Cultivars at Various Malting Stages
M.H. Badau

Vol 8. 61-65
Appraisal of Magnesium Levels in Pakistani Diet
P. Akhter, M.K. Rahman, D. Mohammad, and S.D. Orfi

Vol 8. 56-60
Study of Antimicrobial Activity and Composition by GC/MS Spectrosceopic Analysis of
the Essential Oil of THYMUS SERPHYLLUM
A.M. Ahmad, I. Khokhar, I. hmad, M.A. Kashmiri, A. Adnan, and M. Ahmad

Vol 8. 49-55
Dose-dependent effects of Fenugreek composite in Diabetes with dislipidaemia
A. Mitra and D. Bhattacharya

Vol 8. 44-48
Inhibiting the Growth of Bacillus cereus in Raw Sprouts and Cooked Rice
using Red Clover Seeds
S. Pao, M.F. Khalid, and A. Kalantari

Vol 8. 39-43
The Microbiological Quality of Ice Used to Cool Drinks and Foods in
Ogbomoso Metropolis, Southwest, Nigeria
A. Lateef, J.K. Oloke, E.B.G. Kana, and E. Pacheco

Vol 8. 35-38
Human Bacteria in Street Vended Fruit Juices:
A Case Study of Visakhapatnam City, India
J.E. Lewis, P. Thompson, B. Rao, C. Kalavati, and B. Rajanna

Vol 8. 30-34
Terrorist Threats to Food and Water Supplies and the Role of HACCP
Implementation as One of the Major Effective and Preventive Measures
M. Sekheta, A. Sahtout, F. Sekheta, N. Pantovic, and A. Omari

Vol 8. 24-29
Development of Process for Preparation of Pure & Blended Kinnow Wine
without Debittering Kinnow Mandarin Juice
K. Pratima, K. Vijay, D. Niranjan, and T.S. Mohan

Vol 8. 19-23
Aspergillus, Health Implication & Recommendations for Public Health Food Safety
D.D. Pattron

Vol 8. 14-18
An Observational Study of The Awareness of Food Safety Practices in Households in Trinidad
D.D. Pattron

Vol 8. 7-13
Antibacterial activity of oregano tea and a commercial oregano water against Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes 4b, Staphylococcus aureus and Yersinia enterocolitica 03.
M. Gulmez, N. Oral, A. Guven, L. Vatansever, and E. Baz

Vol 8. 3-6
Safety and quality practices in closed-house poultry production in Thailand: Lessons from
2004-avian influenza outbreak
S. Jullabutradee, M.N. Kyule, M. Baumann, K. Zessin

Vol 8. 1-2
The introduction of the Japanese Carpet Shell in coastal lagoon systems of the Algarve (south Portugal):
a food safety concern
C. Campos, R.A. Cachola

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