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Vol 7. 29-33
Antioxidant Nutrients: Beneficial or Harmful
T.I. Mbata

Vol 7. 20-28
Poultry meat pathogens and its Control
T.I. Mbata

Vol 7. 15-19
Antibacterial Activity of Essential oil from Ocimum gratissimum on Listeria monocytogenes.
T.I. Mbata and A. Saikia

Vol 7. 4-14
A Survey of Genetically Modified Foods Consumed, Health Implications and Recommendations
for Public Health Food Safety in Trinidad
D.D. Patttron

Vol 7. 1-3
Public awareness and Perception to Bio/Food Terrorism in Trinidad, West Indies

N. Badrie, K. Ashby-Mitchell, S. Best, S. Bridglal, D. Mahajaj

Vol 6. 31-34
"Bioavailable" Lead Concentration in Vegetable Plants Grown in Soil from a reclaimed
Industry Site; Health Implications|
E.C. Anyanwu, K. Ijeoma, J.E. Ehiri, M.A. Saleh

Vol 6. 23-30
An observational study of Food Safety Levels of salt, fat and sugar of soups consumed in Trinidad
D.D. Patttron

Vol 6. 17-22
Microorganisms in Kitchen Spnges
O. Erdogrul and F. Erbilir

Vol 6. 11-16
Willingness to Adopt HACCP: Goat Producers Survey Results
L. Nettles and J. O. Bukenya

Vol 6. 5-10
The HACCP Implementation and the Mental Illness of Food Handlers As the 4th Eventual Hazard
M. Sekheta, A. Sahtout, N. Sekheta, M. Kapkovic and N. Pantovic

Vol 6. 1-4.
A Preliminary Study of Kashar Cheese and Its Organoleptic Qualities Matured in Bee Wax
A. Cetinkaya, L. Yaman, M. Elmali, and G. Karadagoglu

Vol 5. 35-40
Longevity Studies of Escherichia coli on Apples from Tree
S.Y. Lee and D.H. Kang

Vol 5. 24-34.
Effect of Coating and Wrapping materials on the shelf life of apple
(Malus domestica cv.Borkh)
I. Hayat, T. Masud and H. Rathore

Vol 5. 21-23.
Prevalence of bacteria in the muscle of shrimp in processing plant
S.M. Alam, G. Mostafa, M. Bhuiyan

Vol 5. 13-20.
Assessment of the antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Borde and Shamita,
traditional Ethiopian fermented beverages, on some food-borne pathogens and effect of growth
medium on the inhibitory activity
G. Tadesse, E. Ephraim, M. Ashenafi

Vol 5, 9-12
Food Safety Standards and Market Assess: Developing countries scientists get into
a new engagement with trade

Vol 5, 1-8
Improved Quality of Baked Products by Rice Bran Oil

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